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Ruri Saijo (西條るり) in Crazy M Girl Addicted to Ecstasy.
(イキ狂い) SOE-527.

Ruri Saijo (西條るり) fucks lots of hard cocks in Crazy M Girl Addicted to Ecstasy. (イキ狂い) SOE-527.

We open with what looks like some behind the scenes outtakes of Ruri sitting on the edge of a bed chatting and joking around with the crew as she waits for the scene to begin. It’s kind of cool because we get to see her in a very informal atmosphere and she comes across as a very fun loving girl who likes to laugh and kid around. But this is a porn flick so not a comedy so a horny guy comes up from behind and starts fondling her breasts. Ruri Saijo has an enormous pair of 44 inch M-cup breasts that are also spectacularly round and firm. But the best thing about her huge tits is how sensitive they are. It just takes some gentle caressing of her breasts and Ruri starts moaning and shaking with delight. The guy slips her bra down and reveals her large pink nipples. He squeezes and rubs her boobs, tickles and pinches her nipples before another guy comes in and starts kissing and tickling her legs. He licks her pussy through her panties and it looks like she has an orgasm. Now the boys get Ruri completely naked and she skilfully suck one of their cocks as the other guy uses his fingers on her wet little snatch. You can here the wet squelching sound as he uses a couple of fingers to reach up to her G-spot and fuck her pussy vigorously. Ruri Saijo shakes, shudders and grinds her hips as she approaches another orgasm and then squirts her fluids over the guys arm. The two men stand Ruri up and bend her over so she can take a dick in her pussy doggy style while she sucks the other cock. Ruri Saijo loves dick in her pussy and gets so excited from he hard fucking she can’t stand up anymore and collapses on the bed while the hard cock keeps pounding away at her. He withdraws his dick and quickly fingers her g-spot while Ruri squirts all over the place. Ruri gets on her knees and sucks both of the guy’s cocks deep and hard. This is when you think "Ruri has fucked a lot of guys or certainly sucked a lot of cocks". She just looks so good at it, wrapping her soft lips around the head and sliding them up and down. Ruri looks like a baby sucking on its bottle. She is once again screwed in standing doggy position until she cums before mounting one guy in reverse cowgirl while sucking the others dick. Ruri Saijo continues to fuck and suck in various positions as she cries and moaned in sexual delight. Wow, this girl loves sex. Eventually one gut drops a load of sperm on her big tits, she smears it over her boobs and licks it off her fingers as the second dick is thrust into her. He bangs Ruri good and hard while she sucks and licks more cum off her own breasts. Finally another shot of cum is launched at her face and she sucks the last drops into her mouth.

We cut to Ruri Saijo in the shower caressing her breasts. Her breasts are super sensitive and you can see she is getting turned on. What follows is a straight tit fuck with the guy shooting a large load into the air. Ruri scoops it up and licks it off her fingers before sucking his dick clean.

The next scene starts off a bit weird. A guy comes in, sits beside her and just stares at her. Ruri looks a little uncomfortable not knowing how to respond. We’ve seen this guy before in lots of AV videos and he’s always a bit of a clown. Soon enough the sex begins with the guy kissing her lips and neck while he feels her boobs. He unleashes Ruri’s huge breasts and licks and sucks them, which Ruri just can’t get enough of. He lifts her hips into the air and slips her panties off to get a good look at her tight Asian pussy. He spreads her pussy open to reveal a tiny pink hole, and yes it is tiny. Now we all know most Japanese AV uses mosaics and this video is no exception. However, mosaics have been getting smaller and thinner recently to the point where you can almost see through them, and that’s the situation here. You can practically see the shape of her pussy and Ruri Saijo looks very small and tight. Her partner eats her pussy and then slips his fingers into her tight little snatch and tickles her to a squirting orgasm. He then straddles her chest for a combination tit fuck and blow job from Ruri. Now it’ time for some hard fucking and the man dose her in missionary before Ruri mounts him in cowgirl. Ruri is very turned on by this time and you need to understand exactly what that means. When Ruri Saijo gets really excited she starts moving her body in a way that is hard to describe. Her hips grind, gyrate, shake, hump and tremble to such an extent that you think she’s going to rip the guys’ dick right off. And then there’s the drooling, Yes that’s right, she drools saliva from her mouth when she‘s horny. There’s a point in the scene where Ruri Saijo is on top of her man, her hips grinding away like a hula dancer, saliva drooling down her chin, and all of a sudden she reaches orgasm. Her entire body goes into spasm and she shudders uncontrollably for about ten seconds. It’s something you just have to see. There’s more fucking and fingering in various positions while Ruri cums over and over again until the guy blows a load of semen in her mouth and over her face. Ruri Saijo sucks the rest of his cum out of his cock.

What follows is a simple scene involving nothing but sex toys, no cocks at all. You would think this would be boring but then again it’s Ruri Saijo so even this is not dull. This is the kind of girl you enjoy watching no mater what she’s doing. She’s like a Ferrari, it looks fantastic going 100mph but even parked at the side of the road you still can’t stop staring at it. A guy walks in and gives her the usual breast massage just to get her warmed up. He then goes to work on her with a vibrating wand stimulating her pussy through her panties. Even this is enough to get Ruri Saijo well on the way to climaxing. Her pink panties are slipped to one side and a vibrating dildo is slipped into her tight snatch while the wand is used on her clit. The man thrusts the vibrator in and out faster and deeper sending Ruri Saijo to the heights of sexual pleasure. Ruri, once again starts thrusting her pelvis, sucking her own huge boobs and drooling all over herself as she cums and cums again. By the end of the scene Ruri is reduced to a trembling mound of orgasmic flesh.

Are you ready to see Ruri Saijo get her pretty little ass spanked? To end the video we have a POV scene with a bit of spanking thrown in. the man’s lying on a bed and Ruri walks in. She straddles him and allows her oversized breasts to fall onto him and rubs them all over his face. She then pulls his pant off and sucks his erect cock. Ruri Saijo has perfect lips for cock sucking, full and soft. She gently teases his dick sliding her wet mouth up and down his shaft. We get a great view of her nice round bum as she slides her panties off and mounts the guys face for some 69 oral action. After her man fingers her pussy until it squirts she straddles him and lowers her tight Asian pussy onto his cock bouncing up and down on it for a couple of more orgasms. Ruri turns around and continues bouncing on his dick while the guy spanks her perfectly round ass. Not to hard, just enough to make Ruri cum again. They finish in missionary position and Ruri Saijo ends up with a hot cum facial. She cleans his cock off with her mouth.

Ruri Saijo is already a great performer. The combination of her fantastic body and orgasmic sexual ability make the perfect girl for porn. Hopefully we will get to see Ruri for many years to come, or should we say cum.

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Thai bargirl from Thailand.

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Thai bargirl from Thailand